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Obamacare Coverage and HIV/AIDS

We are used to the idea that health insurance companies do not cover people with pre-existing conditions with any type of insurance. This is quite devastating to those who really want to enroll to any of the said healthcare plans available. However, today, this issue has been addressed accordingly. The existence of Obamacare or known as Affordable Care Act has made it possible.

Some of the people that are greatly thankful for this new law are patients who are affected with chronic disease like HIV/AIDS. They are grateful that Florida insurance companies Obamacare as well as health insurance companies in other states all over America is now working under the Obamacare act. This means that insurers are not allowed to deny anyone who wants to enroll for a plan even he or she is suffering from an existing medical condition like Asthma, Cancer and HIV/AIDS.

For patients with HIV/AIDS, they are covered with the Obamacare law under the following ways:

Obamacare Coverage and HIV/AIDS

Continuous Improving Access to Coverage

  • People with pre-existing conditions are covered – today, people with preexisting conditions like cancer, HIV/AIDS and diabetes can get the care they need. Thanks to ACA, people with these conditions can now enroll to any health insurance companies they prefer without being denied or dropped from their coverage.
  • Affordable prescription medicines for Medicare patients – those that belongs to Obamacare Florida low income HIV/AIDS patients or other patients in other states can now worry no more when it comes to purchasing prescriptions drugs. HIV patients can now afford and be able to continue their medication. Those prescription drugs with covered brand names are discounted for about 50%.
  • Coverage that are more pocket friendly – the ACA requires all American to enroll to any qualifying health insurance companies. They even promoted Florida state exchanges Obamacare or marketplaces in any other states in order to give people a chance to compare health plans and be able to determine which among the savings they may qualify. Patients suffering from HIV/AIDs can benefit a lot from this given that their condition requires continuous care that might cost them much if they are not enrolled to any of the health insurance plan that are available.
Obamacare Coverage and HIV/AIDS

Assurance of Quality Health Care Coverage

  • Preventive Services – Under the existence of Affordable Care Act, people are now entitled for easy access on preventive services which includes HIV testing and other screenings. HIV testing is for everyone between the ages of 15 to 65 years of age. This coverage inclusion aims to make people learn if they are affected with this condition so that early diagnosis and prompt treatment will be given as soon as possible.
  • Comprehensive Coverage– the Obamacare act has included in the law that most health insurance companies should recommended essential benefits. These essential benefits should be covered by health plans that are offered in individual or in small groups of markets that are within or outside the health insurance marketplace. These include health services that will greatly benefit patients with HIV/AIDS. The services include affordable prescription drugs, lab tests, other services as well as devices needed to diagnose and manage the disease.
  • Coordinated Care For Patient with Chronic Conditions like HIV/AIDS – Some health care insurance companies recognize the law that values of the patient centered medical homes. These institutions provide quality health care that focuses on patients with complex chronic illnesses like HIV/AIDS. Because the institution aims to provide quality HIV care, they coordinated with countless medical specialties and support services. Thus, the Affordable Care Act authorized an optional Medicaid State Plan benefit for different states to establish health homes to manage care for Medicaid beneficiaries with ailments like HIV/AIDS.

Obamacare or the Affordable Care Act has greatly provided chances for more people to quality health care. This is also a good opportunity for people with chronic illnesses like HIV/AIDS to receive affordable, continuous quality treatment to sustain a longer life. HIV/AIDS may not be curable but at least as long as the patient has the chance to live, they are entitled to receive the best care possible.

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