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Does Obamacare Cover Smokers?

This issue has been constantly argued. Smokers are questioning about the idea why do they need to pay higher rate of premium for the same coverage given to non-smokers. Well, this is due to the fact that smokers avail more of the coverage of specific health care plan. Smokers often visit healthcare institutions and avail countless healthcare services.

Under the Obamacare, smoking is not a pre-existing condition. So in order to be part of the negotiations of those with pre-existing conditions, insurance companies impose a requirement of about 50 percent much higher insurance plan rate than non-smokers. This high premium serves as a legal excuse for smokers not to avail any healthcare insurance.

Does Obamacare Cover Smokers?

However, for those who are living in Florida who wants to enroll in Florida insurance companies Obamacare, they can avail the insurance policy with the said higher rate. This high rate charge is provided so that smokers will try to consider stopping smoking. On the other hand, according to some experts this is not an effective means to encourage smokers from quitting.

If you are a smoker and you are under any of the Obamacare health care insurance plan, you are entitled of a 100% coverage on health care plans that aims to make you quit smoking. This is quite advantageous on your part if you also wish for the same. The Florida insurance rates under Obamacare may vary from state to state because there are some insurance companies that do not agree about expanding their health care insurance coverage.

Does Obamacare Cover Smokers?

The obamacare requirements for insurance are the following: If you are insured under employer health plan, or you are paying an individual insurance through exchange you will get a 100% paid for:

  • You will get the coverage for two tries per year to quit smoking. This attempt includes a four times counseling sessions and a period of 90 days of medications. The 90-day supplies of medications are all approved by the FDA. Most of the medications are over the counter but there are two which are prescription drugs.
  • The counseling session is either a group session, individual or phone based program through your employer while a one-on-one session is provided by a behavioral health specialist.

This healthcare plan is effective when combined. Medication alone will not treat the condition or vice versa. Therefore, if you want to effectively quit from smoking, you need to consider counseling sessions and medications all together. This may sound exhausting but every effort and time given is all worth it.

Though some insurance companies do not agree on catering this coverage, you can still find insurance health care companies that are willing to provide you with their coverage plan. You just need to go over the list of insurance companies and ask for the following information.

The obamacare coverage on smokers aims to make them quit from this vice. They want to provide affordable healthcare in order for Americans to have a healthier life. The obamacare act does not only benefit smokers but also those people with preexisting conditions and chronic illnesses.

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